(artist's rendering)

Hey!  I'm Evan.  I believe nothing is perfect — if it exists, it can be improved! 

I've always been obssessed with  stories  asking (too many) questions , and  making stuff .


It's possible I peaked in 1st grade

My maybe-too-long "brickfilm" phase

(ok yes, I was a mod on the forums)

A poster for my 8th grade play I designed in Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7

These passions dovetailed into a love affair with music. 🎶  Mandatory piano turned into concert band, which turned into bad rock bands, which turned into choir nerdery, which turned into professionally recording artists & a cappella groups for a living.

From the DarkTtimes (high school), 

a Strokes cover I don't advise watching

A Spotify playlist with a record of my

personal projects and client work!

I still make music for fun now:

this is a virtual collaboration w/ MARO

And then there was design.  😍  I found out that I loved digging into user problems, finding the best ways to communicate with stakeholders, and using design for good.

If you want to talk UX, YouTube cooking shows, or The Great Pottery Throw Down,  

click that button down there ⬇️ to chat!